Overlea Body & Fender is a full-service auto body repair shop and paint facility in the heart of Baltimore County, located just across the street from St. Michael's Church on Belair Road. We are as local as they come -- our family grew up just a few blocks away, and all of us attended St. Michael's School!

In 1970, we purchased the lot & garage, and opened for business that year. Since then, the shop has grown as a welcoming, family-run business serving the Overlea-Fullerton community -- offering high quality service to customers from surrounding Baltimore and Harford Counties, and the Belair Road corridor.

Our shop was one of the first in Maryland to take action in advance response to the issue of using plastic-bases in automotive paints. We are proud to announce that as of January 2012, Overlea Body & Fender has converted to using only top-quality, environmentally-friendly waterborne paints, in compliance with the Maryland Green Laws that went into effect in 2013.

Over the years, we have seen our friends and family grow... and it is always a pleasure to serve the children and grandchildren of customers who have been coming to us with their cars since we first opened! It is our mission to provide excellent service to the community that has trusted us for over 46 years -- with the best prices, body & fender work, and guarantees that have made our Baltimore name.

From our family to yours... thank you for your patronage!



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